Mary Cosh.
Rowan Cosh.
Tom Cosh.

About Mary & Tom.


When Mary and Tom first met, Mary was developing  body of art work that was centered around the use of pink ink. When she saw Tom’s pink hair, she figured it was a sign.  Getting to know each other more, they came to realise how much they make each other laugh. Even on their first dinner date Mary was laughing so hard tears were practically running down her cheeks!  The rest (as they say) is history as they look forward to a promising future together. Falling in love with each other over and over again is fun. 



About Rowan.


Tom and Mary’s son Rowan is a joy.  A lover of music, dancing and the best stories, he always seems ready for adventures and is happy to share a hug.  And he is growing so fast!


Tom and Mary aim to raise Rowan to exercise a capacity for reason while also being able to embrace faith and sense of spirituality. As Tom grew up with the Church of England as an integral part of his life and Mary in the Catholic Church, this baptism is an ecumenical ceremony where boundaries are welcoming rather than confining and tradition is honored.